Suzette Gabriel Schoebitz

Born in New York City to a French father and Norwegian-Lao mother, I grew up in America, Japan, and France.

I began a career as a classical ballet dancer when I joined the Stuttgart Ballet and traveled the world performing. 

Studying jewelry making in Zurich, Switzerland I received a recognition from the Academy of Art in Munich, Germany and in 1994 launched a successful jewelry label, „SUZETTE“ where I design, produce, and sell my ’one of a kind’ pieces from my studio in Munich.  

I show my collections in exhibitions and fashion shows. 

My designs are influenced by the esthetics acquired from years on the stage, my love of nature, as well as from my mixed cultural background. My initial experience with jewelry work in Asia was in India, where I have been buying stones and working on my designs for many years. 

I now have a flourishing jewelry project ‘Hoi Sang’ in Laos.